step (noun)

1. short movement with foot

The time has come! May 11, 2009

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For all of you who follow this blog…I don’t know why!!  But I am moving…if you are looking for me, please come on over

I hope you enjoy.


in the process of moving May 5, 2009

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after much thought and, well no prayer, I have decided to move.  WordPress has been a good first “home” for my blog, but elements that I loved about it are no longer available. Facebook is about to hit that point with me too, but that is for another day.

That being said, I will let you know when the new place is ready for visitors.  The nice thing about this move is I don’t have to pack and I don’t need to paint!


Crooked May 4, 2009

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I saw a picture today of Rpatz. (aka Edward Cullen) No, I’m not obsessed, but stay with me here.

It was a close up from the Oscars.  So I decided to study the picture and see why he is one of People’s 100 most beautiful people, and more importantly, why I think he is so darn sexy.

So, I looked, covered up his hair (which I LOVE, I *heart* greasy guys) his chin, his eyes…then I believe, I found it.  He is crooked.  Nose, chin, smile, teeth…crooked. He’s *gasp* not perfect!

My dear friend Kelley, once told me she loved crooked teeth.  Straight, and perfect teeth were boring to her.  I, on the other hand, adore a mouth full of horsey, white, straight teeth.

But it all boils down too, what makes someone…crooked…is what makes them beautiful.  I tire of seeing perfection.  I want imperfection, individuality.  What David and I loved about London is people wore whatever they wanted.  They also wore what fit them properly, but it was the most random array of clothing and accessories.  There is no “style” in London, it is individuality.  So no one looked each other over, stared or giggled, it was the opposite.  Props and nods were given in respect to their choices for the day. 

I love that, want that and am proud of the fact that I am crooked.  Spaced teeth, too close, dark circled, deep set eyes.  Large arms, legs and well, they whole of me!  I am crooked and I wear what I want and want my kids to be proud of being crooked too.  Beauty is crooked.


irritated… May 2, 2009

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…beyond explanation.

-Hormones – check

-David out of town – check

-Tired – check

-Kids complaining, over EVERYTHING – check

-Logan tracking pollen footprints all over my just cleaned hardwoods –  double check

My morning has dealt me a hand that sets me up to fail.  As I keep looking down the hall, I swear the footprints get larger.  Ugh.  I have a day in front of me that is going to be hard.  That is not the question.  The question is whether or not I am a better person because of it.  Will I make choices that are hard and lean towards the character I want, or choices that, hard as well, stay planted in the character I am…at the moment. 

I roll my neck, let out a deep sigh and pray…inhale…Abba, exhale…I belong to you.  Repeat…daily, hourly, momentarily…every second of my life.  This makes me think

Have you read Brennan Manning’s new book? I need to get mine back from Chris, it is, as all of Brennan’s books are, a joy and struggle to read.  I fall in love with him every time.  I really do.  He is someone who I look at and love, because I see my Father and brother and soul lover when I look at him.  He is who I want to be like, because he is Christ like and not.  He hasn’t gotten there yet, messes up continually, and still strives on, with the confidence of one who can, because of love…a furious love. (Read his new book)

So as I reflect(…Abba…I belong to you…Abba…) and remember as He smiles on me and runs His fingers through my hair.  Kisses my head and tells me to go ahead with my day…I am going to TRY and make the better choice. Whether that be the character I am at the moment or who I want to be…

Stepping in.


Goop April 30, 2009

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Some of you know exactly where I am going with this.  Those are the people that know I love Gwyneth.  Not as an actor per-say, but as a person, fashionista and well…would be friend.

When David and I got engaged, I had the most vivid dream that she was in my wedding.  I remember thinking at that point (and still do) that if she were to meet me, I think we would be very good friends.  She is someone who is of a sweet nature, honest and not easily jaded.  She is a mother, who gratefully puts her family first.  When in London, spotting all the “Mums” walking the babies in their bugaboos (literally EVERYONE had one) I knew that Gwynney and I would have been doing that…if she would only meet me.  No I am not a stalker type, and no, this isn’t a girl crush, it is just that I think she has a lot of what I want to be in her.  She is a naturalist, she is organic in every sense of the word.  She wants to not only make the world a better place, but make people better, thus making the world better.  she loves to cook, travel and can live in several countries at once, all while maintaining a family.

Now, I know, fantasy and reality…but I am just saying.

So, that is where GOOP comes in. it is her blog and it is fabulous and real.  I love her recommendations and her advice and questions.  As a mom, check it out…as a woman, check it out…I think you’ll like it.

And if you ever get a chance to meet her, tell her she is missing out on a great friend!

Ahhhh…cloudy daydreams!


Wednesday… April 22, 2009

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Waking this morning to a beautiful day, has progressed into a very enjoyable day. 

An early trip to Lowes to splurge and by a couple of hanging Fuchsia.  They aren’t as gorgeous as the ones my mom used to have from Trax, but they will do.  That just says it’s going to be a good day.  Windows open, sun shining and the smell of a clean house!  Wednesdays aren’t usually this great!

It almost feels like things are too good.  Not to say that everything is perfect in our lives, far from it.  But when content has settled into my life before, big changes are just around the corner.  Not kids or jobs, but…we’ll see.  Maybe God just decided to give me a break.  So this is my life at this moment

  • Oprah is on celebrating Earth Day… eh
  • Millie is asleep.  She has been cutting out her naps, but about 3:30 she crashes, then is up until 10, we’ll re-set her soon.
  • Eli and Logan are outside.  Doing something, getting sweaty.  My friend Karen loves the smell of “outside on boys”. I loathe it, it makes me gag.  But I love seeing there faces from riding bikes, watering my plants or washing my car with water guns or finding treasures all over.  I love it.
  • Brennan, I have to make go outside sometimes.  Today is one of those days.  After he gave it a winning shot, he came and asked for his 30 minutes on the computer.  I obliged and now he is not playing games, but writing a story.  He is so creative and I love it.
  • In about 15 minutes I will be dropping Logan off at baseball and heading to the school with Brennan for their Art Show. (you can pay $30 for a picture they drew in a frame, we opt to wait until the end of the year when they send their artwork home and frame it ourselves.)
  • Who knows when we are going to fit in dinner or what it will be.  Probably unhealthy and fast, but this is a day that our family is celebrating spring and what makes us individuals.

I love my husband, he makes me smile just by popping up on my facebook page.I love my kids, they love me unconditionally, I love my God, he really likes me and wants me to find my voice in His story, I love my friends, they accept me and make my life enjoyable, I love my family, they are my back-story and I love it, all of it.  I love my life.

Stepping IN


My Life…and I wouldn’t trade it. April 20, 2009

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What an insanely surreal week and weekend this has been.  Tears well up in my eyes as I type and listen to DJ Lance Rock on the tele.  Emotionally drained is not even touching how I feel.  Physically spent is beyond understanding and spiritual wanting is absolutely there.  The past few weeks I have been very aware.  I don’t know why, but I have, something must be on the horizon.  But I have fallen in love with my family again.  Maybe it is just the ability to sit outback and watch the kids play, or feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride, or maybe it is just that I have paused for a few extra minutes and actually noticed what I have.  Either way, I am blessed and aware of it.


Saturday we completed the half-marathon in Charlotte.  It was no joke.  My husaband just kind of “danced” along as he had to drag me through.  This is a walk in the park for him.  A hilly park, but a walk in it no less.  Kim did awesome and new when to encourage and when to just keep quiet as I melted down at mile 11.  Rhodes…well, he didn’t have his iPod on so I think he was talking to us a good bit, but I don’t know what he said…he did so great too.  The course was tough, but enjoyable until about mile 9.  Then the hills got steeper, longer and well, kicked my butt…legs…feet and mind.  David kept telling me I could do it and I responded…”I DON”T WANT TO DO IT!”  After 2 hours and 45 minutes I crossed the finish line.  The winner crossed in 1 hour 6 minutes, but I ran the same course and crossed the same finish as he did.  Pretty impressive.  And no…I won’t be doing another one of these.  The Ramblin’ Rose never smelled so sweet!


Chris told me Friday that our YMCA was having a kids Tri on Sunday, so all the boys went up and did that yesterday, it was wonderful, as they did their best  and smiled the whole way and were so proud of themselves.  I was too.


Millie and I are bonding while watching Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba (one of our faves!)  we love it.

So as I think on all that my family attempted, accomplished and appreciated this weekend, I am in awe.